Our convenient self-pay service makes it easy to access treatment, without the need for private medical insurance. You will benefit from transparent pricing, prompt access to unparalleled care, and the expertise of London’s leading GP and specialty consultants.

We understand that waiting for treatment can be a distressing time and impact your quality of life. At Cleveland Clinic London, we’re here to alleviate your pain quickly through our convenient self-pay service. If you do not have private medical insurance, you can pay for your own treatment and gain quick access to the most advanced diagnostic tests and treatments in our state-of-the-art facilities, under the care of our specialist consultants and clinical teams. Our seamless service provides the transparency and flexibility you need to get the best possible care, when you need it most.

Caregiver reviewing information on a tablet with a patient.

Why Choose Cleveland Clinic London?

Our self-pay service provides the transparency and flexibility you need to get elite-level healthcare when you need it, even when you don’t have health insurance.

We offer:

  • Clear, transparent pricing: We provide the most accurate estimates possible for your private medical treatment costs. You receive this information upfront, giving you peace of mind as you plan for the future. Our experienced self-pay specialists will guide you through the estimated cost and update you on any changes.
  • Quick, convenient access to care: Rapid access to the diagnostic tests, treatments and any follow-up care you need — without the waiting lists. We can often arrange an initial appointment within 48 hours, at a time that suits you. In addition, your appointments, test results and other health information are just a click away with the MyChart app, our electronic medical records system.
  • Innovative medical technology: We’ve invested in the most sophisticated equipment available, so you can benefit from the latest tests and treatments. Our experts offer minimally invasive keyhole procedures, robot-assisted surgery, 3T MRI and other cutting-edge techniques.
  • Expert consultants: Cleveland Clinic London is home to leading consultants from some of the U.K.'s top teaching hospitals. Many have extensive fellowship training in key specialty areas, including joint replacement surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and spine surgery.

Self-Pay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Get started paying for private healthcare in just a few simple steps:

  1. Book an appointment: Call us on +44 20 3758 4507 to speak to a self-pay specialist. We’ll provide an estimate, help you select the right consultant for your health needs and answer any questions about our self-pay service. Many consultants have availability within 48 hours.
  2. Meet with your consultant: Your consultant will review your medical history, discuss your health concerns and recommend tests or treatments based on your needs.
  3. Arrange your treatment: Once you receive a treatment plan from your consultant, you will receive a quotation for all the services you need. If you’re happy with these, we'll schedule your treatment at a convenient day and time that suits you.
Our Self-Pay Services

Our Self-Pay Services

Caregiver attending to a patient in a hospital bed.

Critical Care & Pain Management

We offer pain relief plans following surgery or an injury (acute pain). We also care for chronic pain syndromes such as back pain, fibromyalgia or trigeminal neuralgia.

Illustration of digestive system

Digestive diseases and general surgery

We offer advanced testing, digestive health therapies and treatments for routine and complex conditions. We cover everything from colonoscopy to prostate treatment.

Illustration of cariovascular system

Heart, vascular and thoracic

Consultants detect and treat complex issues using minimally invasive techniques instead of open surgery. Options include electrophysiology studies to assess arrhythmias and procedures that restore blood flow.

Caregiver looking at a scan on a computer of a patient's head

Imaging and other hospital services

Paying privately for imaging services can help give you peace of mind or a prompt diagnosis for a variety of conditions. Options include X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and ultrasounds.

Brain scans


We treat conditions affecting the brain, spine and nerves. Cleveland Clinic London self-pay services include injections for nerve pain, back surgery and neurorehabilitation.

Patient's forearm in orthopaedic brace


Orthopaedic services cover conditions affecting bones, joints and connective tissue. Our self-pay orthopaedic services include knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, carpal tunnel release, ankle arthroscopy and more.

Self-Pay FAQ

Do I need a GP referral for private treatment?

You can get private treatment from a consultant without being referred by your GP. However, it is recommended that you be referred by your GP as they know your medical history and can advise you if a referral is necessary.

Can I get a referral privately instead of going to an NHS GP?

Yes, we have a Private GP service and offer same-day appointments so you can get a referral quickly.

Find out more.

If I pay for private treatment, will my NHS care be affected?

If you choose to pay for private care you will still be eligible for free NHS care.

If I’ve had an NHS consultation but don’t want to wait for treatment, can I be seen privately?

Yes, your NHS consultant can refer you for private treatment. As some of our consultants also work for the NHS, you may be able to stay with the same consultant.

How quickly can I see a consultant?

Many of our consultants have availability within 48 hours. You can speak to a self-pay specialist on +44 20 3758 4507 and enquire about consultant availability.

Will I be seen by the same consultant throughout my treatment journey?

In most cases patients will see the same consultant unless another issue or condition is found outside of the consultant’s specialty.

What is included in self-funded treatment?

Price estimates include:

  • Pre-assessment, including clinically necessary imaging.
  • Consultant fee.
  • Anaesthetist fee.
  • Hospital fee, including meals and routine tests.
  • Stated number of nights in hospital.
  • Relevant take-home medication (up to £100).

Services excluded from price estimates may incur additional fees, such as:

  • Additional nights in hospital.
  • Specialist nursing.
  • Other required surgical or medical interventions.
  • Multiple surgeon fees.
  • Any services not specified as included in the original booking.
  • Post-discharge follow-up appointment
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