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Hospital Services Self-Pay Services

Our self-pay services for diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology makes it easy for you to get a fast diagnosis and give you peace of mind. You receive transparent pricing, quick access to care with the latest technology, and the expertise of London’s leading radiologists.

Hospital Services Self-Pay Services

Whether you need to know the cost of a private MRI, ultrasound or ultrasound scan, or an interventional service such as a stent placement or angioplasty, we can help. Cleveland Clinic London has a broad range of diagnostic tests and interventional treatments available for self-pay, so you’re prepared for whatever turn your health takes. Learn more about other self-pay services.

Hospital services self-pay services include:


Electrocardiograms Estimated Price: From £144
Echocardiograms Estimated Price: From £660

CT Scans

Estimated Price: From £662

Hc Fibroscan For Liver Disease

Estimated Price: £504

Hc Flow Rate

Estimated Price: £189

MRI Scans

Estimated Price: From £725


Single Tests Estimated Price: From £29
Profile Tests Estimated Price: From £53


Estimated Price: From £425

Wound Care

Suture Removal Estimated Price: From £63
Dressing Changes Estimated Price: From £53


Estimated Price: From £189

Additional information about self-pay prices

Complex surgical or medical interventions will impact the price of care. Your consultant will confirm your estimate after your first meeting.

Price estimates include:

  • Pre-assessment, including clinically necessary imaging.
  • Consultant fee.
  • Anaesthetist fee.
  • Hospital fee, including meals and routine tests.
  • Stated number of nights in hospital.
  • Standard implant.
  • Relevant take-home medication (up to £100).

Services excluded from price estimates may incur additional fees, such as:

  • Non-standard prosthesis.
  • Additional nights in hospital.
  • Specialist nursing.
  • Other required surgical or medical interventions.
  • Multiple surgeon fees.
  • Any costs not specified as included.
  • Post-discharge follow-up appointment.

More Information About Cleveland Clinic London Self-Pay Services

We provide accurate estimates for your private medical treatment costs. You receive this information upfront, giving you peace of mind as you plan for the future. Our experienced self-pay specialists walk you through this estimate and update you on any changes.

Cleveland Clinic London has partnered with medical finance providers so you can cover the cost of private medical care in short-term or long-term instalments. Choose a payment plan that works for your timeline and budget.

Take the Next Step

Call +44 20 3423 7500 to speak with a self-pay specialist, receive a price estimate or learn more about self-pay services at Cleveland Clinic London.

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