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Health Assessments

Protect your employees’ health with personalised health assessments. Our skilled clinicians perform health evaluations, tailored to each employee’s needs. We help them make healthier choices and prevent problems before they become serious.
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Promote a culture of wellness in your workplace with employee health assessments and screenings. At Cleveland Clinic London, our corporate services team partners with businesses and organisations to help employees make healthier choices. We offer personalised evaluations from qualified GPs for both executives and your workforce.

Corporate Health Assessments: Why Choose Cleveland Clinic London?

Highlights of our corporate health assessments include:

  • Expert team: Skilled GPs conduct health screenings and evaluations. Your employees have access to Cleveland Clinic London’s top doctors for consultations, tests, health coaching and follow-up visits.
  • Digital tools: Cleveland Clinic London’s MyChart app gives employees instant access to their medical records, test results and online appointment scheduling. This digital tool helps them easily share health information with their entire care team.
  • Preventive care: Our corporate health assessments identify risk factors and prevent problems before they develop into serious issues. We help you adopt healthier habits to achieve lifelong wellness.  

Corporate Health Assessments We Offer

Every employee has different health needs. We customise assessments to the unique risks and goals of your team. A clinician reviews each employee’s health and medical history to determine the tests that will be most beneficial for them.

Advanced health assessments

Advanced health assessments provide comprehensive evaluation and testing for your general workforce. Each employee receives up to a two-and-a-half-hour assessment with an experienced clinician, including 60 minutes with a GP. Employees have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers to their health concerns.

Assessments include:

  • Full health history and a review of your immunisations and medications.
  • Complete physical examination, including skin evaluation and vision test.
  • Sleep, nutrition and mental health assessment.
  • Heart and lung function tests, including ECG and spirometry.  
  • Cardiac stress test or exercise stress test, including a chest X-ray.
  • Lab testing, including cancer marker tests (upon employee request).
  • Male- and female- specific tests.
  • 15-minute follow-up with a GP (virtual or in-person) to review test results and receive recommendations.

Executive health assessments

Executive health assessments are in-depth evaluations tailored to the unique needs of high-level team members. They’re ideal for employees with corporate leadership roles and other executive-level positions.

Each executive receives a four-hour to full-day assessment with one of Cleveland Clinic London’s top GPs. Sessions include all the services offered in our advanced assessment, plus:

  • Advanced diagnostic imaging, including an MRI, CT scan and ultrasound.
  • Hearing test.
  • Virtual consultation with a nutritionist to discuss dietary recommendations.
  • 30-minute follow-up with a GP (virtual or in-person).
  • Coordination of onward care, including referral, appointment scheduling and insurance authorisation assistance.

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To book a health assessment, call +44 0 20 3423 7575 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

Contact us for more information about working with Cleveland Clinic London, health assessments for your company or any of our corporate health offerings.

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