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Nephrology (Kidney Care)

For skilled, attentive kidney care, turn to the kidney experts at Cleveland Clinic London. Our nephrologists coordinate the renal services and therapies you need, tailoring your care to your health needs.
Nephrology - Cleveland Clinic London

The health of your kidneys plays a vital role in your wellness and quality of life. Whether you have a chronic kidney disease or a medical issue such as cancer or surgery has affected your kidney function, the expert nephrologists at Cleveland Clinic London are by your side. We offer supportive, attentive renal services and innovative therapies throughout your treatment journey.

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Renal Medicine: Why Choose Cleveland Clinic London?

Highlights of our renal medicine services include:

  • Expertise: Our nephrologists are leaders in their fields with experience from renowned international teaching hospitals. These experts have specialised training in key areas of nephrology, including internal medicine, sickle cell disease and inflammatory diseases. They can handle any kidney-related health challenge, large or small.
  • Attentive monitoring: An electronic health records system immediately alerts our nephrology team if any of your test results suggest kidney problems while you’re a patient in our hospital. We step in immediately to provide kidney care that’s tailored to your health needs.
  • Collaborative team: Nephrologists work closely with surgeons, interventional radiologists, urologists, GPs and other consultants to deliver comprehensive treatment. A skilled, compassionate team of dialysis nurses, nutritionists and case managers supports and coordinates your care.
  • State-of-the-art facility: Our hospital features four private dialysis rooms equipped with the latest technology for delivery and monitoring. We use an innovative water purification system to provide the highest quality dialysis water. Our entire staff works together to provide an exceptional patient experience.

Nephrology Services We Offer

Our kidney care services include:

  • Preoperative assessments: Our nephrology team performs thorough renal testing before any surgery. We make sure your kidneys are healthy enough for your procedure, which helps prevent complications and optimise treatment outcomes.
  • Postoperative care: Nephrologists visit the wards regularly to oversee the renal health of every patient in our care. A consultant is also available 24/7 to provide dialysis support for patients recovering from surgery or illnesses.
  • Inpatient dialysis: Dialysis is a procedure to clean your blood. We offer acute (short-term) dialysis, as well as dialysis for chronic (long-term) conditions. At this time, we do not offer outpatient holiday dialysis. With your healthcare provider’s approval, we can also show you how to safely perform dialysis at home for privacy and convenience.
  • Renal replacement therapy (RRT): Seriously ill or injured patients with kidney failure may need RRT in our intensive care unit (ICU). RRT is an intense form of dialysis that cleans your blood continuously. This treatment helps stabilise your health and avoid dangerous complications in critical situations.

Kidney Conditions We Treat

At Cleveland Clinic London, we provide expert assessments, advice and treatment for a broad range of kidney conditions:

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