It’s natural to have questions when using private medical insurance, and we’re here to help.

We regularly care for patients using private insurance. The process is streamlined and easy to use, providing you with a good experience.

Get answers to private medical insurance frequently asked questions (FAQs). And if you need additional assistance, our Pre-Registration team will gladly help you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Insurance

How does private insurance work?

Private insurance gives you more choices in the types of care you can access and where you receive it. Depending on your plan, insurance may cover some or all of the costs. Any service that is not covered (in part or full) will be your financial responsibility.

What is important to know about using private insurance?

Before booking your appointment, talk to your insurance company about your desire to receive services at Cleveland Clinic London. They will let you know whether the services are covered. You can also receive cost estimates from our Pre-Registration team.

What services are covered under private insurance?

The services available depend on the type of insurance plan you have. Plans often cover consultations, assessments and hospitalisations at private hospitals, such as Cleveland Clinic London. Contact your insurance company to find out whether:

  • Your plan covers the services you need.
  • Cleveland Clinic London is a part of your insurance plan’s network.

Do all Cleveland Clinic London consultants take private insurance?

Almost all our consultants are contracted with all insurance companies. Cleveland Clinic London supports our consultants’ relationship with insurance companies. To confirm if your consultant is covered, ask your insurance company or check their website.

How can I determine whether Cleveland Clinic London accepts my insurance?

We work across all major medical insurance companies. To learn more, see the types of insurance we accept.

What if Cleveland Clinic London or my preferred consultant does not take my insurance?

In some instances, you may be able to contact your insurance company to have an exception granted. Your insurance company may reimburse you a portion of your costs if you provide documentation. Cleveland Clinic London may also be able to arrange a single-case agreement. It involves working with your insurance company to arrange coverage for a specific episode of care. Contact us for more information.

Cleveland Clinic London also offers self-pay services, where you pay for all your care out of pocket. We provide transparent pricing for a range of specialties, including heart and vascular, neurosciences, imaging and orthopaedics. Get more information about self-pay services.

How long does it take to receive private insurance authorisation?

Obtaining authorisation from your insurance company before your appointment is mandatory when using private insurance. For common services, many insurance companies provide authorisation over the phone. It may take a few days if you need more advanced tests or therapies.

Will I need additional authorisations?

Changes to your plan of care may require additional authorisation. Check with your insurance company periodically to determine whether you need additional approval. Cleveland Clinic London may assist with additional authorisations when you are undergoing treatment with us.

How soon can I get an appointment?

Same-day and next-day appointments are typically available. Some departments offer weekend services for urgent needs, like an inflamed gallbladder. Contact us to book an appointment.

What can I expect during my first visit?

This will depend on the reason for your visit. All our consultants take the time to understand your concerns for a proper evaluation. Your first visit may involve testing and a physical exam. We discuss findings with you, including the specific diagnosis, and provide a personalised treatment plan.

How can I access information about my care between appointments?

Information is easily accessible through MyChart, our electronic health information system. It is available anytime, day or night, through a secure login.

How do I pay my invoice?

There are many ways to pay for your care:

  • Online: Log in to your MyChart account to make a payment or pay as a guest.
  • In-person: Visit a registration desk at our facilities to make a payment.
  • By phone: Call +44 33 0818 0632.
  • By mail: Post payments to 40 Grosvenor Place, London SW1X 7AW.

What happens if there are unexpected questions about my invoice?

Even with robust insurance coverage, you will likely have some financial responsibility. If you believe there is an error with your invoice:

  1. First, contact your insurance company.
  2. For additional inquiries, reach out to our finance team by calling +44 20 3423 8900.

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