Our internationally renowned endoscopists use this minimally invasive technique to diagnose and treat a wide range of digestive concerns. We offer innovative options and maintain exceptional outcomes. We continue to pursue innovation with world-class research in our endoscopy department.
Endoscopy - Cleveland Clinic London

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive technique for diagnosing and treating digestive concerns. Cleveland Clinic London is one of the only private programmes in the U.K. offering the full repertoire of endoscopy procedures. Highly skilled endoscopists deliver advanced services and maintain excellent outcomes, helping you achieve your health goals.

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Endoscopy at Cleveland Clinic London: Why Choose Us?

Endoscopy uses a thin, flexible tube with a camera and instruments at the tip to access any part of the digestive tract. This technique is gentler on the body than surgery for a faster, more comfortable recovery. Experts at Cleveland Clinic London can diagnose and treat a range of conditions using endoscopy. We use the most advanced, sophisticated equipment, enabling us to manage common and complex conditions with precision.

Highlights of our programme include:

  • Expertise: You receive services from internationally renowned gastroenterologists (digestive disorder specialists) with advanced training in endoscopy. We participate in research, giving you access to newer procedures before they’re widely available. Endoscopists from across Europe look to us for training on these techniques.
  • Timely care: Cleveland Clinic London offers the endoscopy procedures you need daily without the wait. Endoscopists typically see new patients within 24 hours. Some offer weekend appointments for consultations or procedures to meet patient’s schedules. Book an appointment.
  • Team approach: Endoscopists often work alongside other digestive health specialists to coordinate your care. The team includes pathologists (who review lab studies and diagnose diseases), gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons and upper gastrointestinal surgeons. We communicate regularly, discussing test results and planning treatments to keep your care moving forward.
  • Compassionate care: It’s natural to be anxious when you need a procedure. Our experts explain how endoscopy can help and what to expect. Friendly, caring world-class nurses are attentive to your needs before and after the procedure. You recover in a spacious, comfortable room with enough space for a loved one to be by your side.
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Advanced Endoscopy Procedures

When new techniques become available, Cleveland Clinic London is often among the first in the U.K. to adopt them. We are one of the most experienced groups in Europe for these innovative procedures.

Advanced endoscopic procedures we offer include:

  • Endoscopic ultrasound: This test combines endoscopy and ultrasound (an imaging technique that uses sound waves). It captures detailed images of the oesophagus, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder or small intestine. Explore endoscopic ultrasound.
  • Functional luminal imaging probe (FLIP): This innovative tool measures changes to your oesophagus in real time. It helps us deliver a more precise, effective treatment for acid reflux, achalasia and gastroparesis.
  • Peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM): We use this procedure to help people get relief from swallowing disorders such as achalasia. It involves making small cuts in oesophagus muscles, enabling them to relax so you can swallow more effectively.
  • Transoral incisionless fundoplication: If you have acid reflux and medications fail to control it, this procedure can help. It restores the shape and function of the oesophageal valve, keeping acid in the stomach where it belongs.
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP): We diagnose and treat issues affecting the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts. We may use ERCP to take tissue samples (biopsies), repair narrowed bile ducts and more.
  • Zenkers POEM: Zenkers Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy or Z-POEM is an innovative endoscopic procedure to treat Zenker’s Diverticulum (more commonly referred to as a ‘pharyngeal pouch’), a condition where the oesophagus bulges and creates an abnormal pouch or pocket in the food pipe.
  • Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG): This incision-less weight loss procedure staples (sutures) the stomach from the inside, so you feel full eating smaller meals. ESG is available to eligible patients as part of our comprehensive bariatric surgery programme.

Additional Endoscopic Tests and Treatments We Offer

We perform standard endoscopic procedures with exceptional attention to detail. Our experience from treating a high number of patients leads to accurate testing and treatments that improve your quality of life.

Offerings include:

  • Capsule endoscopy involves swallowing a tiny capsule with a wireless camera inside. It helps us check for signs of bleeding and tumours in the small intestine.
  • Colonoscopy examines the inside of your bowel. We use it to assess rectal bleeding, changes in bowel habits and early signs of colorectal cancer.
  • Upper endoscopy evaluates organs in the top section of the digestive tract, including the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum.
  • Duodenal mucosal resurfacing rejuvenates the first part of the small intestine (duodenum) to improve nutrient absorption. It’s for people with Type 2 diabetes and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • Enteral and colorectal stenting involves placing a hollow mesh tube (stent) in the stomach or small bowel to widen narrowed passageways.
  • Gastric peroral endoscopic myotomy (G-POEM) loosens stiff muscle tissue between the stomach and small intestine. It’s for people with gastroparesis.
  • Radiofrequency ablation uses heat to destroy diseased tissue in people with Barrett's oesophagus. It slows disease progression and can help stop cancer from developing.
  • Heartburn Health Check with EndoSign®: This test can be done by your provider in as little as 10 minutes — and you won’t be sedated or have to stay in hospital. You’ll simply swallow a pill-sized capsule attached to a lightweight thread and then a sponge inside the capsule will collect cells in your oesophagus. After 10 minutes, we’ll gently retrieve it and analyse the cells for any abnormalities.

Learn More About Endoscopy

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