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Specialty Care: Why Choose Cleveland Clinic London?

Highlights of our medical subspecialty services include:

  • Multispecialty expertise: Our wide range of medical specialties makes it easy to get all the care you need from a single source. Consultants in nephrology, haematology, infectious diseases and other key areas are available to provide close monitoring, diagnosis and treatment. You receive seamlessly coordinated, efficient care.
  • Skilled team: Our consultants have experience from some of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the U.K. These experts are leaders in their fields, nationally renowned and at the forefront of the latest research and treatments. You receive a superior level of care from an elite team focused on medical and surgical subspecialties.
  • Round-the-clock care: Consultant physicians are available 24/7 to provide prompt evaluations for any medical concern. Whether you have surgery at our hospital or are referred through our Acute Admissions Unit (AAU), you can rest assured that we have the right experts on hand to optimise your recovery.
  • Second opinions: If you’ve received a diagnosis for a condition, you can turn to our experts for a second look. We can discuss your diagnosis, answer your questions and give you the information you need to make an informed, confident decision about your care.
  • Digital health records: We are the first private hospital in the U.K. to have a fully integrated digital health records system. Your consultants have instant access to the most up-to-date and accurate information about your health. We’re also the first to give you access to the same medical information your consultants have with MyChart. This technology helps both you and your doctor make faster and more effective decisions about your care.

Medical Specialties We Offer

We provide a variety of subspecialty services to ensure you receive complete care for any chronic or acute medical concern.


Dermatologists evaluate and treat acute and chronic skin conditions, including skin allergies, cancers and autoimmune diseases. Skin care experts work with pathologists, oncologists and other consultants to deliver complete care. Learn more about our dermatology services.

Diabetes and endocrinology

An expert team provides outpatient services and inpatient support for people with diabetes and endocrine disorders. We understand the unique health risks of these complex conditions and can provide a full spectrum of care. Learn more about our diabetes and endocrinology services.


Skilled haematologists oversee inpatient and outpatient care for people living with blood diseases. We carefully prepare patients for surgery so they are in optimal condition for their procedure. After any medical procedure, we provide close monitoring to prevent clots, bleeding and infections. Learn more about our 24/7 haematology services.

Infectious diseases

We use the latest evidence-based techniques to treat and prevent a variety of infectious diseases. Our specialists assess and diagnose illnesses of unknown origin. We also help guide treatment decisions for people managing long-term infections. Learn more about our 24/7 infectious disease services.


An experienced team of kidney care consultants prepares you for surgery and monitors your recovery. We help people with renal diseases, including kidney failure and kidney injuries, safely undergo the medical procedures they need. Our team also provides dialysis support, including for people in the intensive care unit (ICU). Learn more about our nephrology services.

Respiratory diseases and bronchoscopy

A select team of consultants specialising in diseases of the chest and respiratory system provides outpatient and inpatient services for people who have respiratory disorders. An extensive suite of lung function testing services and state-of-the-art endoscopic techniques (specialized instruments used for examining the lungs) enable us to care for even the most complex breathing problems. Learn more about our respiratory and bronchoscopy services.

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Contact us or call +44 20 3423 7500 for more information about our medical subspecialties.

Our Services for Medical Subspecialties
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