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Orthopaedics, Rheumatology & Plastic Surgery

Why Choose Cleveland Clinic London?

Cleveland Clinic London is home to some of the U.K.’s leading experts in orthopaedics, rheumatology and plastic surgery. Our team approach to care means you receive seamlessly coordinated services for any bone, joint or connective tissue disorder. We offer diagnostic testing, non-surgical therapies and state-of-the-art surgery, all with the compassionate support and guidance you deserve. Highlights of our programme include:

  • Specialty expertise: Our consultants are leaders in their fields. You receive the highest level of care from a skilled team specialising in the latest evidence-based treatments. Many of our experts have extensive training in specialty areas such as robotic surgery, arthroscopy, peripheral nerve repair and complex limb and joint reconstruction.
  • Team approach: Consultants at Cleveland Clinic London work together to ensure you receive all the care you need from a single source. Experts in orthopaedics, sports medicine, rheumatology, surgery, anaesthetics, imaging and physiotherapy collaborate to build a care plan tailored to your unique needs and preferences.
  • Non-surgical treatments: Whenever possible, we help you heal without surgery. We offer a broad range of non-surgical treatments, including physical rehabilitation, joint injections, joint preservation therapies and biologics. At Cleveland Clinic London, you have more ways to feel better.
  • Innovative technology: We’re equipped with two state-of-the-art robotic systems for joint replacement. This technology helps our surgeons operate with unparalleled precision, leading to a quicker recovery and better outcomes.
  • Commitment to safety: We take every precaution to keep you safe before, during and after treatment. Preoperative assessments help us manage complex health conditions and optimise you for surgery. Consultants are on call 24/7 to address your needs, and a state-of-the-art intensive care unit (ICU) is available in the event of any critical situation.

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Our Services for Orthopaedics, Rheumatology & Plastic Surgery

Our Services for Orthopaedics, Rheumatology & Plastic Surgery

Hip replacement consultation.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Leading orthopaedic surgeons offer anterior hip replacement. This minimally invasive and muscle-sparing approach helps you recover with less pain.

Bone Tissue Cancer

Bone & Soft Tissue Tumour Treatment

Consultants in a range of specialties work together to care for benign and malignant bone and soft tissue tumours. We offer evaluation, diagnosis and treatment using the latest techniques. Our experts specialise in limb-salvage surgery and complex reconstructive procedures.

Physician consulting with patient on cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Our plastic surgeons are leaders in their field, with training from prestigious hospitals from around the world. They have the skill set to perform complex and multi-phase cosmetic procedures, such as postpartum and post-bariatric body contouring.

Foot & Ankle Care | Cleveland Clinic London

Foot & Ankle Care

We treat traumatic and chronic injuries of the foot and ankle using a range of conservative and surgical approaches. Featured services include therapeutic injections, ankle replacement surgery, bunion surgery and ligament reconstruction.

Hand Wrist Care

Hand Unit

Consultants in orthopaedics, rheumatology, musculoskeletal radiology and other specialties collaborate to care for a wide range of hand and wrist conditions. We specialise in non-surgical therapies and innovative surgical procedures for traumatic injuries and degenerative conditions.

Hip Knee Pelvis Care

Hip, Knee & Pelvis Care

Our orthopaedic consultants and surgeons offer the latest treatments for the hip, knee and pelvis, including non-surgical joint preservation, keyhole surgery, complex hip and knee revisions and ligament reconstruction. We also offer robot-assisted joint replacement surgery using the U.K.’s most sophisticated robotic surgical systems.

Surgeons performing hip revision surgery.

Hip Revision Surgery

Our consultants help you get relief from pain after hip replacement. Services include comprehensive testing that gets to the source of the issue and advanced surgery to correct it.

Hip Knee Pelvis Care

Knee Preservation

Our team of experts helps people with persistent knee pain get relief. Medical therapies and innovative procedures give you an excellent quality of life and may delay the need for joint replacement surgery.

Peripheral Nerve Care

Peripheral Nerve Care

We specialise in peripheral nerve conditions, including nerve injuries and tumours. World-renowned surgeons focus on difficult-to-treat conditions such as brachial plexus nerve injuries and thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). We treat the most challenging cases with complex surgeries that aren’t widely available.

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons improve functional and aesthetic outcomes. We offer complex wound treatment, limb-sparing surgery and a range of other procedures. Our team specialises in complex microvascular tissue transfers.

Robotic assisted orthopaedic surgery.

Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery

Surgeons at Cleveland Clinic London are at the forefront of the growing field of robotic surgery for joint replacement. They offer the newest robotic techniques for knee and hip replacements and are helping develop newer and better surgical technology.



We care for common and rare rheumatic and immunologic diseases using the latest conservative therapies, such as soft tissue injections and biologics. A consultant-led care team treats arthritis, gout, lupus, chronic pain syndromes and other conditions affecting the bones, joints and soft tissues.

Shoulder Elbow Care

Shoulder & Elbow Care

From common sports injuries to complex peripheral nerve injuries, our team has the specialised training to offer care for a wide range of conditions affecting the shoulders and elbows. Featured services include minimally invasive keyhole surgery, primary and revision shoulder joint replacement and brachial plexus nerve repair.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Orthopaedic experts offer innovative non-surgical and surgical treatments for a broad range of sports injuries. Whether you’re a recreational athlete or a pro, you receive elite-level care from the U.K.’s leading sports medicine specialists.

A man in a winter coat standing in the snow with a woman holding skis standing behind him.

Ski Injury Clinic

Getting assessment, clear diagnosis and a treatment plan at the Ski Injury Clinic at Cleveland Clinic London is the first step in getting back to the top the mountain swiftly and safely.

Surgeons performing trauma surgery

Orthopaedic Trauma Care

Our orthopaedic trauma and reconstructive surgeons have the breadth and depth of expertise to treat a full range of injuries, from routine to critical. We can address even the most severe musculoskeletal trauma and related complications due to falls, sports, crush injuries and accidents.

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